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Train with me!
Anytime, anywhere. 

Join me online where everything is customized and consistency is your superpower.

About me! 

As an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, it is my mission to be your guide in becoming your strongest physically and mentally. With my experience in training clients online as well as a Tier 3 Coach at Equinox, I can help you reach your goals. With a lot of false information being easily accessible, you can trust me to have your best interest at heart. As a professional Musical Theater Performer, I know the demands and limitations of a busy lifestyle. Together, we can achieve your goals and find your inner strength!


My Services


All my services are remote! Meet with me anytime, anywhere.

ACE Certified 

The primary purpose of this certification is to protect the public from harm and false information.


We will work together to find a training model specifically made for you! Whether that is weekly sessions on facetime or a customized plan. 

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